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Rotary Indexing Tables

Rotary tables, Indexers, Rotary Table Assembly Systems, etc. From a small table mounted rotary indexer to a 54″ precision link conveyor RNA have the expertise knowledge and experience to provide a solution for your indexing needs.

RNA Rotary Indexing Tables

RNA design and develop rotary indexing table that is tailored to the customer’s specific applications.

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RNA are agents in the UK & Ireland for the Italplant range of rotary and precision link conveyor index units.

Rotary Table / Oscillators

Cylindrical; Globoidal; Parallel Axis; Toroidal

Programmable Rotary Tables

Programmable Servomotors Indexers

Safety Systems (SOTL/ATT, LCI)

Safety Output Tourque Limiter-SOTL/ATT; External Torque Limiter-LCI

Precision Conveyors - Belt/Pallet

千亿体育网站Highest prcision without additional indexing


Angular Placers; Linear Placers for Assembly

Plastic Indexers

千亿体育网站First in the world, patented


For Machine Tools; For Production Line


Long Stroke Cam Translators; Long Stroke Cam Elevators

千亿体育网站No Backlash High Efficiency Reducers - HER

Machine Beds for Indexing Drive


Standard and Custom cams, roller followers, and more


ENGINEERING 千亿体育网站Innovation through continuous research & development

MANUFACTURING千亿体育网站 Special machine tools by our own design for cam production to ensure high accuracy

INSPECTION Dimensional & Surface controls assure the best quality and performance

SERVICE Pre/after sales service to assure customers have the best reliability on our products all over the world

Application 1: FOOD – Automatic cholocates loaders
Automatic chocolates loadersAutomatic chocolates loadersAutomatic chocolates loadersAutomatic loader for mushroom shaped hocolates – up to 120 parts per minute; Automatic loader for heart shaped chocolates – up to 100 parts per minute
Application 2: FOOD – Hollow Bodies Wrapping Machine
Automatic Machines for Chocolate Automatic Machines for ChocolateAutomatic loading and unloading and produce self-made shells, including halloween pumpkins with airtight welding and fully cam drivenBig shapes: Up to 300g, Ø180mm, l=250mmProduction: Up to 60 parts/minEasy to install, easy to drive, no maintenance
Application 3: FMCG – Tampon Assembly with rotary table and static cam
Hygiene Products assembly
STEP 1: Tampon and cover are loadedTampon and cover are loaded STEP 2: Tampon is pushed into its coverTampon is pused into its cover STEP 3: Final product is unloadedTampon Assembly with rotary table and static cam step 3
Application 4: PHARMA – Cannula needles Assembly with two Precision Link Conveyors
cannula needle assembly
STEP 1: Needle carried by left PLC Cannula Piercing Needle STEP 2: Needle cover carried by right PLCCannula Piercing Needle assembly STEP 3: Needle mounted in coverCannula Piercing Needle Assembly
Brochures, Catalogues, Drawings
thumbnail of ATT-2012-ENG_ITAProduct info: SAFETY SYSTEM – Adjustable Transmission Torque with Safety Output Torque Limiter

thumbnail of ITALPLANT-PLC-advantagesProduct info: PRECISION LINK CONVEYOR – PLC
thumbnail of Plastic-indexerProduct info: PLASTIC INDEXER – PSX
thumbnail of Ring-indexerProduct info: RING INDEXER

thumbnail of SX SP – Globoidal SlimdexCatalogues: – SX/SP

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